30 November 2010

Christmas is here!

Goodness gracious, have I been sick! It's been 8 days since I caught some horrible cold and it doesn't want to go away! It started out as a real bad sore throat, and then turned into a cough/congestion.  I'm surprise my lungs aren't exploding with all the coughing i've done. My throat is always swollen though and it itches real bad sometimes. I practically drank the whole bottle of nyquil and it still didn't help at all. It's been three days since i've slept because my coughing wakes me up.  I'm finally taking antibiotics and some prescription strength cough syrup (which by the way, takes like vodka) so let's cross our fingers that it will help me get better real soon! 

Enough of me whining, let's move on to more interesting matters...

We got our Christmas tree this past Sunday!!!! It's quite a funny story if you ask me...I'll try to condense it to the important parts because I could write a novel about it.

So, we drove to Boone with Allen and Alli (our married friends who live in Charlotte) and arrive at Bill's Christmas Tree Farm.  It's on the side of a mountain behind his house and I've been going there for three years now.  He's this cute little old man who reminds me of my pappy. We didn't take a picture with him this year, but here's a pic of my college roomates and him from two Christmas's ago:

We went November 21 two years ago and when we went this year on November 28, there was not a speck of snow to be found.  Here's a few pics of our adventure:

The photo uploader is being super slow, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to post them.  Sorry guys!

I am sooo tired and I was planning on writing a long post but I think this medicine is kicking in-i can barely keep my eyes open.

Tomorrow will be filled with cleaining house, running a few errands, posting a blog about our Christmas tree, and getting the Christmas cards ready to send out! :)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did. 



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