11 October 2010


It's not even Halloween...

It's not even Thanksgiving...

It's only Columbus Day (which, I didn't even know until I went to the post office and it was closed)

But this girl bought some Christmas ornaments today.

And for good reason too.  But I can't share why just yet.  You'll have to be patient. And NO, the answer isn't because i want to put them on my Christmas tree...it's for a much better reason.  And I had to buy them this early for a purpose...have I confused you yet?

Am I crazy for buying CHRISTMAS ornaments in October?  Maybe.  The cashier thought I was.  But why in the world do they put out Christmas stuff in July if it's not meant to buy? 


I bought Christmas ornaments.

So shoot me.

1 comment:

  1. Your so funny! I guess I am crazy because we are done Christmas shopping! we also bought this big Christmasy vase to put green and red flower things in. I've also gotten some poinsettias to decorate with too

    So are you going to put them in the kids box? And decorate them?? That would be really really cute!!! If so post pics, which I know you will! :)