28 October 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So..my sweet preggo cousin, Halley and I skype almost daily.  We both spend (probably too much) time looking at blogs.  It's obviously addicting because I will waste spend hours looking at other blogs and I don't even know these people! And that might also explain why I have posted THREE times in three hours. haha! 

Back to the story,  Halley and I are now going to participate in our own little blog party.  Every Wednesday we are going to post 5 things we love about life. (This Wednesday thing is a trend in Bloggy world.) I like that it's on a Wednesday because those days are in the middle of the week when life may be cruddy or when it seems like Friday will NEVER get here.  It will be a nice reminder of how blessed we are and the wonderfulness (that's not a word) that we have in our lives.  So, here goes!

What I'm loving...

{1} I am loving the time when Seth comes home from work.  He walks in the door, I greet him with a smooch, and then we usually lay on our bed talking about our day.  It may not seem like it's that awesome to you, but I love catching up after a day's work.  Huey Cat usually strolls in and hops up on the bed too, so that's always a plus.  That feline is the best.

{2} I am loving having a weekly menu.  I have a cute little template saved onto my computer and once I plan my meals for the week, I print it out and post it on the fridge.  It makes life so much easier because I no longer have to stress about what to cook at 6:00 pm.  It also helps us not to eat out as much.  You should try it!

{3} I am loving that I am ALMOST DONE with Christmas shopping.  YES!!!! It's such a relief.

{4} I am loving all things Fall.  But duh, you already knew that.  Alright, I'm squeezing ONE Fall photo in, don't hate me!


{5} I am loving my sweet sweet husband. He really is the greatest. THE GREATEST.  I love him more with each day. I promise.

There he is, fixing the garbage disposal! He is turning into Mr. Fix It! And Penny thinks she is helping too. (Please don't look at my messy countertops!)

It's now time to get off here and go clean the kitchen!



  1. So much better than mine! I love it, and there ya go...Mr Seth is turning into Mr Fix It! :)

    And I do believe Penney is doing a great job assisting! She's obviously giving Seth encouragement!

    i love your things you love...now if only MINE would cooperate! ;)

  2. okay, i am going to join along because I DEF need to write about positives right now!! lol. great post! <3 you!