27 October 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain...

Our garage is flooded.


I'm not sure what I should do about that, so I will just tell you all about it and hope it's all gone tomorrow. That's a good plan, right?

It's been raining here all day.  It started about 3pm and is still going.  I took Penny out in the yard to run around today before the rain came.

OH YEAH! I haven't shared the latest news with Penny Girl.

As you all know, our sweet pup is scared of life.  Really, she is.  She is scared of fans, Huey, loud noises, the air conditioner..you name it, she will find a way to become scared of it.  Sometimes when I take her out to do her business, I have to DRAG her because she is scared to go...really, what DOG is scared to go to the bathroom?  Poor girl. I love her to death though. 

So...this next story is a HUGE milestone for our Penny.  When we moved here, we ALWAYS had to keep a leash on her wherever we went.  She has "escaped" a few times, which means we run down our neighborhood streets looking for her.  Well these past fews days, I have gotten brave and taken her off her leash to see what she would do. 


She sniffed around (all the while, I am sweating bullets in fear that she will run away and I will have to go chasing her down the neighborhood with no brassiere, no makeup, Seth's boxer shorts, and black ballet flats..attractive huh?) and then ran laps AS FAST AS SHE COULD around our yard. It was the cutest thing ever. And then she would run to me, throw her behind into my legs and beg me to scratch it.  So, i scratched her favorite spot and she would take off running again.  Then when I called her, she would charge over to me, with a huge smile on her face.  Tomorrow I will try to take photos/video it.  You guys really have to see it, it's the cutest thing.

This afternoon when Seth got off work, we took an adventure to Charlotte.  There is this tennis shop that Seth has been dying to go to so we went to that. It was pretty cool and we stayed in there for some time.  He bought a racket (imagine that) and talked tennis with the owner for thirty minutes. He buys rackets for a good price and then sells them for profit on eBay. I just looked around at all the tennis rackets and dreamed about our next stop: HOBBY LOBBY! That is my favorite store.  FAVORITE FAVORITE store.  I could spend the night in there just gazing at the wonderful things.  I bought some fabric, a candle, some beautiful flowers for our bedroom.  I am excited to share what the fabric is for, but for now I am keeping it a secret!!  You will find out in the next couple weeks.

Then we went to Sams and bought some energy drinks for when Seth has to wake up at 4am for work and some dog food for Penny.  Pretty uneventful trip there, but it was good.

This weekend we are going to BOONE! I cannot wait to be reunited with the mountains.  It's kind of funny because this is the way it usually goes:

1. You go to college somewhere (let's say, Boone)
2. You spend years there growing tired of it.
3. You can wait to graduate and start a new chapter of your life.
4. You leave.
5. You miss it and can't wait to go back.

I sure do miss Boone and can't wait to eat some great barbeque, watch a great football game, and spend great time with great people.  Great, great, great! (Alright, that was goofy.)

We are leaving Friday and coming back late Saturday night.  It's only a little less than two hours to get there, so it's not long at all really.
I plan on taking some beautiful pics this weekend, so I will for sure post them on here for all to see!  I'm off to clean the kitchen! (I've had the dirty crockpot sitting in the sink since yesterday, ICK!)

P.S. I LOVE CROCKPOTS.  That's a whole other story though..maybe tomorrow...

Toot a loo!  Or to properly put it, a tout a l'heure!

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