17 October 2010

Quick trip to the in-laws

Hello everyone!

Yesterday after Seth got off work, we packed up (with Penny AND Huey) and headed to Clayton for a short trip.  It was Marc's birthday so we wanted to celebrate and plus it's always nice to see family.  We left our house around 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and just returned tonight. It was short, but we enjoyed it so much.  We both slept in this morning and then just spent the day enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather and spending time with our family.  We enjoyed company, birthday cake, and lots of furry animals.  Huey didn't like his time as much as Penny did.  (To be honest, he stayed under the bed almost the whole time...haha)

It was so relaxing and just plain lovely to spend time with our family.  I wish it wasn't so stinkin' far (a little over 3 hours) of a drive, otherwise we'd be over there a lot more.  You can't beat quality time with loved ones.  Don't you agree?

This afternoon we rallied up the girls (aka the doggies) and went outside for a family photoshoot.  Take a look:

Don't we all have the sweetest, cutest pups in the world? 

Also, some REALLY great news: Everyone is coming to our house for thanksgiving! I am SO excited and cannot wait for a great couple days full of FOOD, laughter, and family.

This week Seth works over 50 hours! :(  I am thankful for the money for Christmas is right around the corner, but they sure are working him like a borrowed mule.

Alright, well it's time for me to go get my coupons together for my weekly CVS (and now Rite Aid) trips! I will post my goodies tomorrow!


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  1. I wish I could see you for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! Love all the pics!! Very cute.