04 October 2010


Goodness gracious...October is here.  Time sure does fly by these days...it's crazy to think about!  We've been here in NC for two months already.

To all you faithful readers out there, we have a prayer request in the Jones Household.

Please keep Seth in your prayers as he is taking the LSAT this Saturday! He has been studying a lot, and we both want it to pay off!! This is a big day for us...it's going to determine where we spend the next three years and where he will get his Law Degree from.  So, please pray for clarity, remembrance, and focus...this isn't just any old test...it's THE test. 

Seth, I know you can do it!! I am praying for you every day and am so proud of your diligence and discipline in preparing for this! I love you.

Seth works everyday this week and then takes the test early Saturday morning.  I have an easy week ahead of me so I plan on keeping the house clean (we haven't been the best at doing this) and spending some girl time with Penny. haha..yes, I know she is a dog but I still like to talk to her and take her on walks throughout the day.  She's the closest thing to a daughter and even though she can't talk back, I like to think she listens to what I say. Isn't she adorable???

This photo was taken Saturday evening when we took her to the dog show here at the local park.  It was a community-wide even where people just brought their dogs and entered contests..we didn't do any contests, but it was fun to watch.  Penny LOVED every minute of it...she met so many other dogs and her nose was in heaven from all the smells... I love the first photo because she is smiling.  It makes me so happy.

And i couldn't leave out the Huey Cat...i purchases that pumpkin, funky looking squash/gourd thing and the mum and he decided he wanted to lay up there with them...so of course I had to take a picture..how cute is he?  I made a cute little fall spot on our front porch with those, so I'll have to post it pretty soon.

I wander why I wait until the wee hours of the morning to update this blog because everytime I do, i am always too tired to post anything worth reading! I am sorry!!!! 

I promise to entertain you with something better in the near future...until then,here are a few more pics of the children...enjoy.


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