10 October 2010

I robbed CVS and Rite Aid...

Well guys, I should go to jail.

Just kidding.

But I did do some shopping at CVS and Rite Aid today and saved a TON of money.  I call it robbing even though I did pay for the items.. haha.

Here's what I purchased today:

The total value of these items is: $56.73

I spent a total of $2.07

No, I am not kidding!  I was so excited to get some much needed things such as "girl supplies", TWO Purex 3-in-1 laundry soaps (which by the way, I LOVE using those!) and toothpaste.  We already have five or six tubes stored away but I am so excited to put them in our Operation Christmas Child Boxes we will make soon.

Speaking of Operation Christmas Child, this Christmas marks one year since we adopted our first child.  Instead of giving each other Christmas presents, we chose to adopt (or sponser) a child from Compassion International.

Everyone,  meet Ronald Alexander Rodriguez Solorzano:

He is six years old, and such a precious little boy.  I am so glad we decided to sponsor him.  He sends us letters that are extremely sweet and draws us pictures.  The other day, I sent him a few photos of us and Penny.  I hope he likes them.  This year, we are getting each other a small gift and then donating what we would've spent to Compassion so they can give Christmas gifts to Ronald and all his friends!

For those of you wondering about the status of Seth's LSAT, he took the test Saturday! He feels pretty good about it, but won't know his score until November.  Let's hope and pray it's a great score-I know he is capable of getting an awesome one.

I woke up early Saturday morning to make him cinnamon rolls before he left.  I surprised him with a good luck poster, some tennis balls and a card.  Take a look:

That plastic baggy contained his LSAT ticket, four number 2 pencils, a pink eraser, kleenex, some tylenol, and some anti-diarrhea meds (ha!).  My cute hubby is always prepared.

After he took the LSAT, we went to the yummiest restaurant ever.  We haven't gone out to a really nice place since we've been married (and off of our parents' dime..haha) so it was such a great experience to get dressed up and dine on some fine cuisine.  This place was really one of the best places we've ever been. For those of you ever visiting the Charlotte area, Go To 131 MAIN.  (That's the name of the restaurant).

This morning Seth and I both decided to not attend Church (GASP!) and instead we slept in.  It felt SO SO good.  We've been pretty lazy this whole day...i mean, i cleaned our room, made a trip to CVS and Rite Aid, and we took Penny to the dog park..but other than that, we've done nothing.

And it felt great.

Oh yeah, speaking of CVS ( once again), I went a couple days ago and got some more laundry detergant for $2!!!!   I had a $3 off coupon and a raincheck for Wisk B1G1.  It was one sale last week for $4.99 a bottle and so I got two and used that Q and it was 2 dollars for both!  Ahh, i love saving money.

MORE FALL DECOR!!!!  I cannot get enough...i love fall. 
 This is outside of our front door.  I got the chair from a garage sell for $1, painted the pumkin and spray painted an old basket that the smaller mum is in.  I love mums...they make me happy.

 Such a lovely fall kitchen towel, don't you think?  :)
 I mod podged a mason jar I got for 50 cents with raffia and put little sunflower looking things in it. It looks way better in person.
 These M&Ms were gone in thirty minutes, and no we didn't have little kiddos eating them...but i love the colors..
Look at that funky squash thing!

And now for a few photos of our children:

Look how healthy, plump, FAT Huey Cat is...

And sweet Penny...she kind of blends in with the floors.  She is my little angel.

Also, I've realized this post is extremely random...oh well.  I enjoyed writing it.

Coming soon: flower headbands i've been making, a homemade magazine rack, and our guestroom makeover in progress.

Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight.


  1. I don't know what happened to the comment I wrote you, but I am going to leave another one!!!

    HOW in the world do you save money like that?! that is so awesome!!!!!

    Here I am posting about the wii I bought Mark and you and Seth adopted a little boy.. He is precious. That's really awesome yall did that!!!

    Your decorations are cute!!

  2. My Google Alert picked up on this post because of the mention of Compassion and I have to praise God for your step to sponsor that sweet little boy! He's so cute!! Our family cuts down Christmas giving to send gifts to our 6 Compassion kids and we know how much they appreciate it. Like we need more stuff anyway!!
    Feel free to stop by my Compassion-inspired blog sometime!