07 October 2010

How to wear red lipstick

So..the other day, I saw that CVS had their lipstick on sale.  In case you didn't know, CVS and I have a major romance.  Love, love, love that place.  Ever since I became a "couponer", I have saved so much money there.  I buy all of my toiletries there and so much more. Anything besides groceries, I get from there. (Even though I have bought random groceries from there like oatmeal, cereal and of course Arizona teas)

ANYWAY, so my point is this:  I saw they had lipstick on sale, and so I bought two tubes of it. You see, I've never been a lipstick wearer.  Lipgloss is my thing. BUT, being a Southern woman at heart, i wanted to try it out.  My mom always wear lipstick and growing up, I remember her putting it on before we'd go to Wal-mart, church, or the post office.  I've always associated lipstick with Southern women.  So I went to CVS and bought some lipstick. 

I chickened out and didn't buy red.  But I did buy a pink and a rose color.  Seth thinks it looks goofy, but i am going to try to slowly incorporate it into my makeup routine.  Old fashioned?  Maybe.  But it's okay. 

Now, I have this book called "How to sew a button...and other nifty things your grandmother knew" by Erin Bried.  It has everything you can think of in there, from How to fold a fitted sheet to how to brew your own beer, to how to unclog a toilet.  I came across how to wear red lipstick and thought I would share. 

Maybe one day I will be able to wear red lipstick. Take a look at all these people who pull it off so beautifully:

 Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress EVER.

Without further ado:


Step 1: Soften your kisser. Gently brush off any rough skin with a dry toothbrush or a damp washcloth.  Don't pick or peel!  You want your lips to be red from your lipstick, not gushing blood.

Step 2: Dry your lips.  Blotting with a tissue will do the trick.

Step 3: Choose a liner the same shade as your lipstick, and line the edge of your mouth.  It'll help prevent your color from bleeding.  If you can't find an exact match, use a lighter shade. Never, ever go darker, lest you look like a televangelist's mistress. (ha!)

Step 4: Starting at the center of your mouth and moving toward the corners of your lips, apply lipstick directly from the tube.  Blot gently and repeat. 

Step 5: Pucker up!

Fret no more, you've just learned how to properly wear red lipstick!  Maybe next time you see me, I'll be dolled up in some red.... ;)


  1. I bought red lipstick last year and tried wearing it. Justin always thought I looked like a clown. I even have a picture of me in the lipstick. I would put it on every few weeks or so when we would go out and he NEVER understood why I did it.

    Also, wearing red lipstick encourages you to whiten your teeth because they look yellow when you wear red!

    I'll send you a picture of my red lipstick.

    its kinda funny.

    speaking of, I wonder where it went!?

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  3. I'm thinking about buying some RED! Maybe some over the knee boots to compliment the boldness....HUSH...I can do whatever I want!!!

  4. love it!! this makes me want to go buy some! just might have to do it. lacretia...i love you. :) HAHA.