31 October 2010

Great food, Great friends, and Great football

We just got back from such a wonderful weekend in Boone-it was so weird because we are no longer students there..instead, we are "just visiting".  Tons of emotions went through my body as we walked down King Street (the main drag through Boone)
I can't tell you how many times Seth and I walked down that street.  It's also where I got my wedding dress from! Here is the cute little shop, named "Did Someone Say Party?". 

I absolutely LOVE my wedding dress.  My mom and I went to like 5 different shops, I tried on over 40 dresses and was so glad to call this one my own!

We also went to campus to visit some friends, and so many memories just flooded my mind. I saw the psychology building (where I had most ALL my classes), the cafeteria (where Seth's picture is displayed:

and then we went to the game. 

this is part of Campus known as "Sanford Mall".  On a sunny day, you can count on hundreds of students playing frisbee, eating their lunch, or enjoying the day out here.

We are undefeated for the season!  I am hoping we make it to the national championships-it's in Frisco, Texas! Seth and I are talking about going...if plane tickets are a good price.  We will see.

That Saturday before the game, my mentor, Mason made us breakfast.  She cooked Peach French Toast, sausage, and yogurt parfaits.  OMG, it was certainly the most delicious breakfast I've had in MONTHS.  Mason is such a special friend to me, and I'm so glad we got to get together.  I cherish her friendship dearly.

{pictured from L to R: Me, Molly, Mason, Alli, and Elizabeth}
She has such a beautiful home.  Look at her Fall-inspired tablescape:

Ahhh, I loveddd it. 

It was such a great weekend.  Here are a few more highlights from our time in Boone.

 We didn't want to leave at all! But alas, we did and are now back home enjoying our Sunday.  

Tomorrow Seth is off (yipee!) We don't have any plans right now...perhaps a trip to Charlotte might happen. I am going to get my coupons ready for one of the most exciting things of my week: SUPER DOUBLES AT HARRIS TEETER! This is when they double every coupon that has a value of $1.98 or below! It's an awesome deal, and I'm hoping to come home with some great freebies.

Other than that, we will just take it easy. 
I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Halloween!


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