04 October 2010

Attacked...on accident.

So..I promised I would share this story, even though I am somewhat embarrassed of the pictures I am about to share, but oh well..i'm sure most of you have seen me without makeup before.

Here is the story of bandaids, Huey, and myself.

It was around 2am one morning and I was just about to get into bed.  Seth had been asleep for a few hours and I was watching TV in the living room because I couldn't sleep. I brushed my teeth, washed my face..the usual nighttime routine for me. 

Then I walked back into the living room like I do every night to get Huey.  He sleeps in a corner in our room and I always collect him when I go to bed.  Well tonight, for some odd reason, when I went to pick him up, he freaked out on me. He mustve seen a demon or something because when I picked him up, he scratched my arms and my face!  His claw literally PIERCED my nose.  After realizing what happened, I covered my nose with my hands and ran to the bathroom...my nose was GUSHING blood.  I really thought it has been sliced open.  My arm was scratched from my palm to my elbow.  I didn't want to wake Seth up, so I let my nose bleed for awhile and then it finally stopped.  I washed it and saw three little holes from his claws.  I should've went ahead and put an earring in them...

Here are the photos...it's quite funny now, but of course it wasn't then.

 Please excuse my makeup-less face...but I had to share these so maybe you will laugh at me too.  I slept in these (the bandaids) so blood wouldn't get all over everywhere. haha


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  1. omgosh! what did seth think when he woke up to find his wife with band aids covering all over her!?!