22 September 2010

Top ten...

I've been thinking..how incredibly blessed I am.  And I wanted to share that with you...now, I know I'm not old so I still have LOTS more "top ten" moments to experience, but here are mine so far.

The top ten moments in my life as of September 22, 2010

I no particular order:

1. Giving my life to Christ at age 8.

2. Getting my first cat at age 5-I named her Princess...imagine that from a five year old girl. She looked like this:
3. My first day of high school.  I had the cooler older brother a grade ahead of me, so that was always fun.
4. Graduating high school with my best friends.
5.Getting accepting to all of the colleges I applied to, and deciding to attend Texas A&M (Gig 'em!)
 6. Meeting Seth Jones at Centrifuge in 2006. (Below is a photo taken at Fuge)
7.Moving across the country to attend Appalachian State University in 2008.

8. Getting engaged in August of 2009 on top of a mountain.

9. Graduating college in May of 2010.  I'm so thankful my mom and dad could both be there!
10. Marrying the love of my life in May of 2010.
11. Accepting my dream job of a wedding planner in August of 2010 with The Charmed Event. The two lovely ladies on the left are my bosses. :)

Alright, so I added 11..it was one to grow on.

I am lucky.  Thank you Lord, for your love and blessings in my life.

 I must get to bed now..

nighty night!


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  1. Love the shutterbooth picture! I work events with Shutterbooth Charlotte sometimes...maybe I'll see you around one of these days if our events collide! PS: wish we hung out in while in college, we are so alike its scary! ;)