29 September 2010

Getting into gear...

We are now on the countdown to the LSAT...

the thought terrifies me, actually.  I know Seth will do great but standardized testing is scary.  I took the GRE two times. Both times I was sweating in my seat...there is just something about them that intimidats the poo outa me...maybe because you're WHOLE future depends on that one score... (alright, maybe that is a little dramatic, but you get the point) 

For those of you who keep up with us, when you have a spare second or two, please pray for Seth.  He has been preparing for several weeks now and I just want him to do the best he can.  He takes is on October 9th. 

Well, I had my first wedding this past weekend.  We left for the NC mountains on Friday around lunchtime and got back around 3am on Sunday morning.  It was so much fun, and everything went very smoothly.  I LOVED every minute of it, and I am so lucky to have a job that I love.  We sure worked VERY hard, but it was worth it because her wedding was beautiful and ran smoothly. 

Here's a funny story that happened though:  On Friday night, after the rehearsal, we went back to our hotel to work on last minute wedding details.  One of those details were the wedding favors.  The "theme" of this wedding was like a Country Fall setting with brown, orange, yellow...all those yummy fall colors.  The wedding took place in an apple orchard in the North Carolina mountains.  It was gorgeous.  So, naturally the wedding favors should be caramel apples, right?!?!  We ordered 100 caramel apples, with cute little brown boxes and their initial on the front of the box.  After assembling the boxes, I started putting the apples in each one.  After about the 20th one, I noticed they smelled kind of sour, so I started looking more closely and found MOLD on every one of them!! All 100 apples were molded.  It was so gross.  Remember, this was the night before the wedding at like 11 o clock at night...seemed to me, there was nothing we could do about it.  So, we unassembled the boxes because we didn't have anything to put in them...no stores were open to get more favors so Jill and I decided we would just forget about it. 

The next morning, Katie (remember, Jill and Katie are my bosses) called and said she found more apples at Walmart! haha, i bet you know what is coming next..

Yep, I reassembled all the boxes and put the new apples in them. Haha, it was funny because we spend so much time putting them together, then taking them apart, and then I put them back together.  But everything worked out, and she had beautiful caramel apples for wedding favors.

We have no more weddings until next year, so these next few months will just be spend with some meetings to discuss preparations etc. 

Seth is working, working, working!!  I am so proud of him.  Even though he works at Chick-fil-a (which is not his dream job, but it puts food on the table) he works so hard to provide for our family.  He was supposed to be off tomorrow, but took someone's shift that really needed off.  He worked overtime last week.  He is such a hard worker.  I'm glad last weekend when I was at the wedding, he had some guys over to stay the weekend, because he sure deserves it.

I am going to post a video pretty soon of Penny.. I don't want to give away anything, so that is all I am saying, but stay tuned.  I also have a story that includes me, Huey, and band-aids...it should make you laugh.

It's almost 2am..goodness.  Night night!

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