19 August 2010

Thunderstorms at the lake...

It has been raining off and on here since yesterday which means we have a scared pup in our house.  Penny hates thunder and lightening and so she will lay on the couch with us even if the ceiling fan is on (She is terrified of fans for some reason).  She is currently lying beside me and has gotten used to being in here and I think she realizes that the ceiling fan won't come down and bite her.  At least for now...she is so adorable and I love her to death.  I worked a long day yesterday (12-9pm) and when I got home I was greeted by her smiling face. Yes, our dog does smile and it's so cute! 

Our animals are adjusting really well to our new home. In fact, I know they love it a lot more than our other home in Athens.  Penny actually comes in the living room instead of being tucked away in our kitchen and Huey follows us around everywhere.  That cat is getting bigger by the day and he is so fluffy and soft.  Seth says "He is softer than a chinchilla." I've personally never petted a chinchilla, but I will take his word for it.

Since we've gotten Huey, I have probably spent around $20 dollars on pointless cat toys that he never plays with..what does he LOVE playing with instead?  These:

I have lost like five of my hairbands because he will take them all over the house and hide them.  He is so funny.  I now know not to buy him cat toys and instead give him a hairband. 

Seth has almost completed his training week at Chick-fil-a.  His last day of training is tomorrow.  He really enjoys working there and says there is never a dull moment.  He does everything from filling drinks to the register to the drive thru window.  He hasn't had to clean a bathroom yet either! Haha, that's always a good thing if you ask me.

Work for me is going great! I love it and am so excited to have my first wedding next month.  We also love the area we live in.  It's a dream come true.  There is EVERYTHING I need here without me having to drive to Charlotte.  The grocery store is one mile from my house, CVS is just past the grocery store..TJMaxx, Target, Marshalls...right down the road.. YIPEE!

Another huge bonus to living here and not Athens is that our friends are way closer.  The Sanderson's and Molly live forty minutes from us, Sally and Eric are just 2 hours..Seth's family is 3 hours (and soon  Justin Vidovich will be residing in Raleigh too!)  It is a great feeling to know that our friends are 2-3 hours away AT MOST.  Not 6+ hours like when we lived in Athens. Also, Boone is only two hours away so we will be making our way to some games this year!

I haven't been the best chef lately..for some reason I have not felt like cooking.  I have lots of stuff in the freezer (pork tendorloin, turkey for some meatballs, lemon herb chicken breasts...but then 5 o clock creeps up on me, and it's too late to wait on it to thaw out.  Maybe tomorrow I will be better and set something out to thaw earlier so that Seth can have a nice dinner waiting.  Tonight we are having popcorn chicken and fries...not the healthiest but all it took was popping it in the oven.   I promise to be a better cook, Seth!

Speaking of cooking,  by request I am posting one of my FAVORITE recipes.  Aunt Neecie asked me for this recipe and so I thought "Why not post it so everyone can enjoy it?" It is SUPER easy and it's a crock pot meal so you don't have to do anything after sticking it in the crock pot!

Angel Chicken

4 chicken breasts, uncooked and cut into cubes (You can either leave them frozen or thaw them out before cutting up)
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 package dry Italian dressing mix
1/2 cup white cooking wine (or any other white wine you have on hand)
1 8oz tub of cream cheese with chive and onions
1 package of Angel Hair pasta

Turn on crock pot and combine all ingrediants except pasta.  Cook 3-6 hours on high or all day on low.  Cook pasta right before serving.  Drain pasta and pour chicken mixture on top. Enjoy!

This recipe is so yummy and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Well, time for dinner!!  I will leave you with my favorite picture of our sweet doggie:

Kaitlin Jones

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. I will be trying it soon! It's great to see you are doing so well. Miss you and hope to see you soon!
    Love ya,