13 August 2010

A place to call home...

As much as I wish I had an unlimited budget so that I could decorate our new home, I am enjoying being here, even if the walls are somewhat bare. This house is quite large, so if I were to purchase decor for the whole thing, it would certainly deplete our savings account...but it's still fun to dream! One day...one day, I will have my DREAM house (even though the house we live in now is REAL close to it...)

Our dream house will look something like this:

See that screened in porch on the side and the HUGE wrap-around porch in the front? Ahh..it's my dream! I love old southern homes like those...
And the master bedroom will look something like this:

Even though we have only lived in this home for two weeks, we already know we want to own a house by the lake on day. Whether it be ten years from now or fifty years from now, there is just a serenity that the lake brings and we both love it. A group of our friends have talked about chipping in and splitting the price of a big lake house in the distant future...hopefully that will become a reality one of these days...

Well...I got my first paycheck today! It felt really good to get it, because it is my first "big girl" paycheck...Now that I am married and out of college, i like to call myself a big girl...most people who start work dread it and wish they could be back in college, but I LOVE my job. I get to nanny the cutest kids and also get to be an assistant for weddings. I KNOW that this is the perfect job for me and not once have I regretted moving up here to pursue it. God is so good and I feel that He is definately present here in our lives. Seth got a job within one week of us moving to NC...we were in Athens for two months and he did not recieve one phone call for a job...for those of you who do not know, Seth is working at Chick-Fil-A. It's not his dream job, but it does put food on the table and with him going to law school in a couple years, it isn't bad at all. The owner said he has high chances of getting promoted after two months of working there, and that means a pay raise...so that is good news! He really enjoyed it today at his first day and of course, if you have EVER eaten there, you know it stays busy because of the great food and friendly service. He said everyone that works there feels like family because they are so nice. That is a huge blessing to me and to him! I am so glad he feels loved there and is not stuck in an office or a cubicle with people he doesn't get along with, or that he doesn't like. I'm proud of my husband!

Here is a photo of him on his first day of work! Isn't he handsome?

Today I got off work around three o clock, then I came home and got to thinkin...i really want to be crafty. I consider myself very creative and crafty, but i want to learn a lot more about what it means to be a DIY kind of person. When I have children (years from now) I want to make my daughter dresses, bows, leggings, hairbands...etc...so I thought: why not start now? No, i am not going to make dresses for my future baby, but I do want to be more crafty around our home...

My first project is going to be to paint a bible verse on some painted wood to go in our living room. It will look something like these things that you pay $30 for at Target...

I am going to buy the wood tomorrow and start on it tomorrow afternoon while Seth is at work!

The second project is going to be to start frequenting garage sales (which i kind of already do) and purchase beat up things (like those hideous gold lamps from the 80's, or really old furniture that needs a new coat of paint). I may head to a few in the morning to see what I can find!

Also, since we now pay our own bills, I decided I want to be Mrs. Organized so that nothing ever gets overlooked. I am compiling a "Home Organization Notebook" that will have EVERYTHING you could ever think of in it. Here are a few things that I am putting in it:

1. The phone numbers to the police department, poison control, garbage man, post office...local things that you may sometimes need but can't find the phonebook to look up the numbers...
2. Birthdays of important people in our life. Our moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, friends..etc..
3. A page with emergency info on it
5. a chore list
6. a monthly calender with appts on it
7. A folder for bills that we have paid and ones that we need to pay

and much more!

It is going to be my go-to notebook for most things!

Now that we are finally settled in, I have gotten back into my cooking schedule..once we found out we were moving to NC, we didn't really buy groceries because we couldn't bring frozen items with us..but now, we are here for good (or at least a year) and so the Cooking Kaitlin has come back!

Here are a few tasty things we've had at the Jones' lately

1. Orange Chicken and Fried Rice. I bought the orange chicken from Trader Joe's and made the fried rice myself. I used brown rice to be a little more healthy, and added butter (the healthy kind!), green onions, eggs, soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and a few other ingredients I can't remember that made it taste just like a chinese restaurant! Seth LOVED the orange chicken, I think it may have been his favorite meal in a long time.

2. Tonight for dinner I made homemade calzones. I bought some whole wheat pizza dough that you just roll out and I put pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella that I grated with a vegetable peeler because we don't have a grater! haha! Seth really liked those too, and I thought the whole wheat was really yummy!

I have decided that if I plan the menu ahead of time, it keeps me from having to go to the store three times a week and I always know what I am cooking ahead of time..

Here is our menu for the coming week:

Sunday: Dover Sole Fillets (I bought this fish on sale at Trader Joe's and found a recipe for a yummy garlic lime marinade!) and rice pilaf.
Monday: Peppercorn Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Kait's famous mashed potatoes (It is actually my grandmother's recipe, but i like to take some credit for it! haha) and some green veggies..maybe a fresh salad
Tuesday: Mexican Tortilla Pile-Up..This is something I just thought up and hopefully it will be good. I'll post the recipe if it is. ;)
Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti
Wednesday:Date Night!
Friday: TBD

I liked having my menu to look at ahead of time and it makes me feel like a good wife, too!

I love being married..it's such a blessing to be able to serve Seth and to go to bed by his side and night...to wake up in the morning to his sleepy self. I love coming home to him in the evenings..I love the simple moments we share together...like walking Penny in the evenings, or sliding down the hallway in our socks...laying on the living room floor staring at the ceiling just talking, dancing in the kitchen...there are so many more moments that I love to share with him. He brought some beautiful flowers home to me the other day!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful thing called love. Thank you for loving us so much than we deserve or know.

Alright..i'm getting sleepy. Running a few errands tomorrow before i start being crafty! Wish me luck!



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  1. I can honestly say I have never thought to myself, "Hmm..I want to be crafty right now!" Haha...maybe I would think that if I were good at being crafty like you!