22 August 2010

i feel it creeping up on me...

oh man.  i can feel this new obession creeping up on me...


These books have me inspired:

it's all i can think about now...how to decorate my home.  How to buy old, beat up pieces of furniture and make them beautiful again. How to decorate with a french flair.  I stayed up until 3am this morning reading about this! If only I had an unlimited budget...(but in reality, i have a teeeeeennnny tiny budget)

It's fun to dream though...

Will my passion for decorating ever surpass Seth's passion for tennis?  Of course not, but I can feel myself getting close to it! ;)



  1. ahh yes, I'd love to be an interior decorator! And that book looks great....it's just too bad I dont have the money either. But, you luckily have the space to! :) I should post pictures of our house. We live in a old house, and slowly but surely redoing the WHOLE thing.

    And as much of a pain it is, it makes you appreciate it more too. But, I don't know--I may just like a NEW house. That seems so much easier than fixing up a old one.


  2. i love you Kait. i love your blog. i am a fan of yours, indeed. and don't think that i've forgotten that i owe you a wedding gift. i haven't. it just needs to be special, so i'm still looking. love to Seth, HueyCat, and Penny. Hugs!! btw, i have a friend that needs wedding advice. would you call her please? she's very nice, but too shy to call you. her name is Jessica Long. i'm going to text her phone number to you. to repeat, i love you much. stay happy. pray for me; i'll pray for you. my only regret is that you won't one day be my counselor! but if i ever get married again... : ( doubtful...