03 August 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are HOME!! Home as in, Cornelius, North Carolina. We packed up the uhaul Thursday night/Friday morning (it took 12 hours! We took a break to watch The Jersey Shore...) and left on Friday morning for Cornelius. We signed our lease to a house we've never seen and then moved on in! Let me tell you, our house is EVERYTHING we could have ever wanted. I mean, this house is something we would buy well into our retirement. We are SO very thankful for the circumstances that have allowed us to live here for a year. I bet some of you are wanting to know the story of how we found a house to live in, etc..so i'll do a small recap.

After Seth and I decided we were for sure moving to the Charlotte area, we immediately started looking for places to live. Right off the bat, we noticed that the price of living was higher than Athens..a one bedroom apartment was the same price as our current three bedroom townhome! A little discouraged, we decided that was the only option we had because we had TWO weeks to find a place to live, since we just subleased our current place starting on August 1.

Well...then Katie (my boss) called me and told me that her aunt (Mary) had a house on Lake Norman that we could rent for a REALLY good price. After going through some details with that, i KNEW that God had his hand in the whole situation. We told Katie that yes, we would love to take her up on that offer and so we packed our things, and moved to Cornelius to Lake Norman!

What are the chances of us (two newlyweds right out of college) being able to rent out a beautiful house with a wrap-around deck ON Lake Norman? Slim to none. Goodness, just thinking about it makes me smile because that was the confirmation that I needed to know that I was doing the right thing. Seth and I like to see it as a wonderful gift from the Lord (and from Mary!) that because we listened to Him, we are getting to live in such a wonderful home.

So we moved into this home on Friday and we love it. All of our neighbors are so nice to us, and I am no more than thirty minutes from Jill and Katie's houses. That makes it really convenient for the both of us.

Seth is still in the process of job searching....nothing new there... :( We are keeping our heads up though!

This weekend we are having a get-together at our home and will be grilling hamburgers and dogs. We are so excited to share our new home with everyone and can't wait to see our friends. One of the things we love about living here is that we are closer to our friends and family. (Seth's family, at least).

I already started nannying and have my first appointment with Katie and a DJ next week. I am just sitting in on the apt to get an idea of the "planning" side of things...the first wedding I will be helping with is Sept 25! It'll be here before you know it.

Can you believe it's already August? Sheesh...May seems like SO long ago.

I will be posting wedding photos soon, so stay tuned!


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  1. the wedding pictures are great! I loved them! also post new pictures of your new lake house!! :) lol