11 July 2010

Oh, the places we go!

This past week found Kait and I in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Let me tell you: driving along the coast in a topless Jeep is an unparalleled experience as far as automobiling goes. We drove down last weekend to meet my family and a couple of Logan's friends, along with Logan's dash-hound Sadie. We, of course, dragged Penny along (although it is becoming evident that she enjoys, or at least is tolerant of, car rides).

After a week in the sun with minimal burning, we trekked halfway across Carolina to Charlotte for our third wedding this Spring/Summer (excluding our own). Our good friends Allen and Alli got hitched at Cedar Wood Country Club. I felt honored because Allen had asked me to do a reading for the ceremony, as he believes I had the voice for it. It was great being a part of such a beautiful event.

The ceremony was followed by a incredibly fun reception. I got to see all of my guys and share a few dances with my wife. Kait fully enjoyed herself, hardly leaving the dance floor at all.

Here is a photo of me and the guys at the rehearsal dinner-

We got back to Athens tonight and found out that Huey Cat transferred his fleas into the carpet upstairs. So...we left again, but only for a couple of hours. Just enough time for the Hot Shot Fogger Bomb we set off upstairs to kill the insects. Hopefully this will be the last of our pest problems. I'm starting to feel like we're paying a little more than necessary to live in a place with bugs. I guess that's the "charm" everyone talks about when discussing their first home as a newlywed.

Not really sure what will come next. I'd like to think it will be a phone call with a job offer (or at least an interview!!).

I'd like dedicate this blog post to our faithful reader, Aunt Neecie!!

Until next time!


Kait here! As Seth said above, we had a great week with his family hanging out at the beach. Penny loved the sand and water and it was fun to watch her romp around in the sand. We ate tons of great food, stayed up late, and slept in...it can't get much better than that!

Allen and Alli's wedding was so much fun- I danced the night away with my gals, and Seth and his beaus had a time watching us. haha.

Even though we have done TONS of traveling this summer (I put over 3000 miles on my car in one month), I have enjoyed getting to see all of my friends every three weeks. I am sad now that we won't be going to anymore weddings!

It feels good to finally be able to live in our home though..we've been gone so much that we haven't been able to enjoy it! We have no other plans for the summer, except maybe one trip to Charlotte for me to visit a sweet, sweet friend, and a visit from my momma! We're going to the Atlanta aquarium and a Braves game!

In case you're wondering if I am excited about starting graduate school..i am not. No part of me gets excited so now you don't have to ask me or sit at home wondering if I am excited! :) Hopefully once school starts I will gain more enthusiasm, but until then I would rather be working or going to thrift stores and finding stuff to refurbish. It's a new hobby of mine...making old furniture look like it came from Pottery Barn..except the cost is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. It's great.

Speaking of saving money...for those of you who don't know..my "nickname" is Coupon Queen. Yes, I get a paper every sunday. Yes, I have a big ol binder for my coupons. Yes, I spend hours each week planning my shopping trips. Yes, I am a nerd.

Here is how much money I have saved though! Take a gander:

My YTD savings at CVS is $478.71 and my Summer 2010 Spending is 5.38. :) It feels good to be saving that much money!!

Alright..well i think it's time i start unpacking and washing clothes..like a good wife!

Be back soon!!


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson!!


  1. Enjoy the blog...and Eric in the background!

  2. I'm so jealous of your savings! I slacked big time on getting the Sunday paper after graduation..but I'm desperately trying to get back into it!