13 June 2010

Well...here's to keeping up with the Joneses!

Hello everyone!!

Seth and I did some talking and decided it would be a good idea for us to make a blog. That way whoever wishes to do so can keep up with us since all of our friends and family are not local.

We are FINALLY moved into our house and most everything is done! It has been such a relief to get all the boxed unpacked and the pictures hung on the wall. Seth has been such a loving, hardworking husband and anything I ask him to do, he does! He even cleaned up the kitchen today after dinner without asking me. :)

It is official: Georgia summers are not something to brag about- they are HOT. I mean HOTTTT....and it's only June...

Penny (our new golden retriever) is adjusting really well. After observation, we have concluded she is scared of ceiling fans. Poor thing, she hates to go into the living room or our bedroom because she is scared the ceiling fan will come get her, I guess!! Every time we walk into the room she is in, her tail starts wagging! She can now sit on command, and we take her on a walk every evening. I think she loves us..i sure hope so.

Huey (our new orange cat) is quite at home. He has the whole upstairs to himself and loves to lounge around all day. He lays with his head in the food bowl practically, and his little round tummy is proof! We bought him a blue collar with a bell on it so we can always tell where he is, but quickly decided to remove it each night after he would RUN around our room jangling the bell at all hours...he is definately the night owl. Sleeps all day and is ready to play at night.

Seth is still in the process of looking for a job..he has applied to several, but not heard back. Keep him in your prayers as he is job searching!

We already have a good story to share:

We bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner one night and when we got home, Seth stuck it in the oven to keep it warm. He did not tell me this and so I started cooking the other things (potatoes, bread..etc) and turned the oven on to preheat...well about five minutes later, I smell this horrible plastic burning smell...and open the oven to see the chicken on FIRE.

Of course, I screamed and ran around and screamed more and filled up a pitcher full of water to throw in the oven. It was hilarious to watch, I'm sure as Penny sat and watched me, she was laughing in her head thinking "Oh, humans.."

Other than that, we are doing great!!! I love being married, especially to Seth. He is great. We are traveling back to Raleigh this weekend to see some of our good friends, Sally Keeling and Eric Warren tie the knot!

Until next time,

Mrs. Jones :)

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