21 June 2010

Weekend in North Carolina

Man, did we have a busy weekend!! We drove to North Carolina with Penny in our backseat to attend our friends Sally and Eric wedding. It is already a six hour drive to Seth's parent's house, but with Penny in the car, we add about an hour to our trip for "potty breaks". We got to Clayton around 5pm on Thursday night and then went to eat with my mother-in-law's (Kim) father for father's day.

Friday morning I drove to Fayetteville to attend Sally's bridal luncheon. We had a great time catching up with each other and chatting. I loved getting to see my best friends from Appalachian-I hadn't seen them since my wedding and even when I saw them then, my mind was elsewhere!

After that, I drove back to Clayton and me, Logan (my sister-in-law) and Seth went to the mall in Raleigh to return some wedding gifts. That night we ate at Bonefish Grill with Seth's parents to celebrate Father's Day. That place was SO delicious. If you ever go there, get the Bang Bang Shrimp-it was the best shrimp I have had in a while! We had a great time celebrating Seth's father!

Then on Saturday, Seth and I met up with friends to drive back to Fayetteville and attended Sally and Eric's wedding. A good time was had by all. They had their reception in a house turned restaurant and there was a different room for each of the "festivities"...ex: The food was in a couple rooms, the dancing was in a room, the cake cutting was in a room.. I had never seen anything like that, it was neat! Speaking of the cake, Eric and Sally cut the cake and then went to dance their first dance...well, unfortunately the cake decided it did not want to stay on the table, and it fell over and splattered all over the floor!! I hope they get their money back from the bakery- even though no one got to taste the cake, it was still beautiful and we still had fun!

This morning (Sunday) we had to leave Clayton really early to head back to Athens. The directTv people were scheduled to come between 4-8pm. He came and installed the TV and now we have directTv. Seth can now watch Wimbledon starting tomorrow at 7AM!

Tonight, Seth and I went to the tennis courts and hit around! I bought a raquet and Seth is going to teach me how to play so when we get old, we can play doubles with all the old people! It went well, I think! Before we got on the court, Seth gave me some instructions:
1. No whining
2. No twirling around in circles
3. No girly stuff
4. No screaming
5. Be determined

....he must know me well. ;)

So plans for this week...? Seth is going to apply for a few more jobs tomorrow and we are going to take Penny to the lake this week. This friday, we are driving to Charlotte and I have a bachelorette party to go to and Seth is spending the weekend with some college buddies. It will be fun!

In two weeks, we are driving to the beach to celebrate July 4 with Seth's family. I can't wait. I am ready to lay on the beach, with a book in hand. We are taking Penny which should be so much fun! I hope she loves the ocean!

Well, I'm off to bed!

-Kait Jones

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