24 June 2010

So this time the husband posts. Kait and I have had a pretty eventful couple of days. We realized a couple of nights ago that our cat Huey had a few fleas. After assuring Kait they had not made a home in our bed, we went to Walmart to get him some flea shampoo. Kait, no stranger to bathing cats, led the charge to the kitchen sink where Huey the Cat was confronted with his greatest fear: water.

Having successfully treated him, we watched in amusement as he licked himself dry for a couple of hours (literally).

Here's the thing about Georgia: it's hot. We thought since we're all suffering, we might as well take Penny with us to the lake and have a swim. We soon realized that our precious girl has never swam. To me, having a Golden Retriever and not letting it swim is a punishable offense. Penny thought otherwise. She seemed just fine wading up to her flanks, much like you may see cows do on hot days. Naturally, Kait's determination led her to drag Penny deeper and force her to learn. What a great teacher! Nevertheless, Penny made it back to shore on her own, though she whined all the way there.

If you've ever smelled a dog after they've swam in a lake, you know that for the second night in a row, we ran a pet-washing session. This time it was Penny on our back porch. However Penny was the perfect dog through it all, standing completely still, as if she knew we were doing it for her benefit rather than attempting to drown her.

Tomorrow morning sees us heading up to the Charlotte/Matthews area to visit college friends. Kait will be meeting up with some girls for our friend Alli's bachelorette party. I'll be spending the weekend with Horsechoker, Nick, and Chuck, playing a ton of tennis and acquainting myself with the charming town of Matthews. Until next time...

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